Cecil Grant

Reasons Why You Should Donate To Build Schools In Uganda


As you know, education is a powerful tool that provides people with the skills and knowledge required to make a difference in society. Studies show that education is a powerful agent of change. Apart from contributing to social stability, it meaningfully drives long-term economic growth. Despite all these benefits, the state of education in most African countries, including Uganda, remains poor, mainly due to a lack of schools. Thus, you should donate to build schools in Uganda.

23 June 2021

How A Fundraising Management Consulting Firm Can Help When You're Hosting Your Organization's First Fundraiser


If you are the part of an organization, then you might be interested in hosting a fundraising event for the first time. After all, you might assume that a fundraising event is going to be your best option for bringing in money for your cause. If it's your first time planning and pulling off a fundraiser, however, there is a good chance that you need a little bit of help since you might be feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed right now, and since you want to do everything that you can to make your fundraiser a success.

22 January 2021

Why Mobile Blood Drives Are So Important


During certain times, there may be a shortage of the country's blood supply. However, throughout the year, all over the country, mobile blood drives are held to help replenish the country's blood supply so that we are better prepared for the times that blood is needed to save lives. These are some of the reasons why mobile blood drives are so important. Natural Disasters When natural disasters occur, it is not uncommon for there to be many victims that need blood transfusions in order to survive the injuries they sustain.

25 June 2020

Why You Should Sponsor A Child


There are many organizations out there that make it easy for you to do good in the world and to help others. Some of the best focus on helping children in impoverished and underprivileged countries. These charities give you the chance to sponsor a child and improve their life, often for a very low cost per month. If you're thinking of sponsoring a child yourself or with a group, go for it.

30 December 2019

Places To Donate Your Unwanted Car


When you have a car that you no longer want, whether it runs or not, one of the most rewarding ways to dispose of it is to donate it to a good cause. Unfortunately, many car owners lack the understanding of where they can do this. Before you just sell it to a junk dealer, here are a few places you can consider for donation purposes. Local Schools Many local high schools and trade schools will accept vehicle donations for their education programs.

5 October 2017

How A 5K Charity Run Can Help You Raise Money For Your Youth Organization


As a society, we have to invest into our youth to ensure the next generation are strong leaders. The elders are responsible for teaching our youth how to be accountable and inspirational to others. This is done by being a good example, offering mentor programs and providing community resources. If you are passionate about the youth and want to make a difference, then you can start by forming your own youth movement.

9 September 2017