Things You Might Want To Send In Military Care Packages


Whether you have a loved one in the military or you would like to sign up to receive information on military members that could use care packages, you want to make sure that you are sending them things that they can really make good use of. It is important to know that you cannot just send anything in your military care packages, and you do not want to waste money and postage on things that they won't be able to keep for their personal use. To help ensure that the military care packages you send are the most efficient, you will want to keep reading.

Games And Stationary

Games can help pass the time, and stationary can come in handy for making notes and writing letters home. You might want to include some stamps with the notebooks, envelopes, and pens that you send. Some games that might be appreciated would include a deck of standard playing cards, other card games, puzzles, trivia books, and crossword and word search books.


Military members need to keep their energy up, and some good snacks can help them do that. Just make sure that the snacks you select will not melt or spoil. Avoid chocolates and anything that contains dairy. Try to select snacks such as trail mixes, nuts, chips, cookies, beef jerky, hard candies, and pre-popped popcorn. Flavor packs for water are also a nice addition as they can give them more variety than what they are given on base.

Memories Of Home

You can send things like pictures of friends and family. Things such as clippings of local newspaper articles that would remind them of home can be nice as well. Sometimes, even celebrity magazines can remind them of the comfort of home, especially if they like certain actors and they appear in the magazines that you bought. If the service member has children or young nieces or nephews, you could have them color some pictures that can be included in the care package. This helps to let them know that everyone is thinking of them.

It's time to start shopping now that you know a little more about what military members may appreciate the most in the care packages that they receive. Remember, you can put together your own personalized care package. You can also find companies that have pre-made care packages already put together. All you have to do is go over the options, pick the one you like, and give them the mailing information. There should be a variety of care packages for all budget sizes.

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11 May 2023

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