Teach Them To Fish—Community Participation And Support


Community gardens provide sustainability within a geographical region. People who take part in a gardening project are taught a series of invaluable skills. The crops that are yielded can be used to feed community residents, donate to others within a particular region, or sell for a profit.

A Community Outreach Program

A community outreach program that uses the 'teach them to fish' principle may focus on the Chinese proverb that encourages accountability and the use of a custom set of skills. Instead of receiving a variety of food products that are ready for consumption, community members are taught the exact way to prepare a garden. This includes learning how to clear land, how to plant seeds, and how to cultivate each seedling.

At the end of a community garden project, a group of participants can reap the rewards of their efforts. They will also have the confidence to care for a garden during a subsequent growing season. People who learn how to follow a sustainable lifestyle may be more inclined to share their knowledge with others. As new skills are introduced to more people, a wide range of food items will be produced, which will benefit many citizens within a particular region.

Ways To Get Involved In An Activity

Not all community outreach programs are going to be designed to teach gardening. Humanitarian groups may have a series of targeted group activities that they seek volunteers for. Usually, this type of humanitarian effort will require those who will benefit from the efforts to take an active role in the activity that is being featured. Those who will not directly benefit from a humanitarian effort may also be welcome to take part in a community project.

Direct involvement may require the donation of funds or time. If someone will be donating money, they will be provided with some information about how the funds will be used. The funds may be used to purchase supplies that are needed to execute a group activity.

If an individual would like to take an active role in a group project, they will be informed about where to meet a group leader and will be furnished with information about what their responsibilities will be. A 'teach them to fish' program may oversee the construction of residential dwellings or may perform tasks that will improve education or communal areas that a group of citizens has access to.


9 August 2022

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