Places To Donate Your Unwanted Car


When you have a car that you no longer want, whether it runs or not, one of the most rewarding ways to dispose of it is to donate it to a good cause. Unfortunately, many car owners lack the understanding of where they can do this. Before you just sell it to a junk dealer, here are a few places you can consider for donation purposes.

Local Schools

Many local high schools and trade schools will accept vehicle donations for their education programs. If one of your local schools has an auto shop, they'll even take non-running cars as project vehicles for the students. It gives them practical, hands-on experience with a vehicle like they might encounter in the workplace, which is rewarding for them and can give you a sense of satisfaction that you're helping out the next generation.

Battered Women's Shelters

When women escape an abusive relationship, one of the hardest things for them to do afterward is rebuild their lives. They often leave with nothing more than the clothes that they are wearing. Many local battered women's shelters will accept vehicle donations to help their clients as they work toward restoring their future. If it doesn't run, ask the shelter if they have a local mechanic who will donate work to get it running. Sometimes, they'll still accept it and even auction it off to help fund the shelter.

Homeless Shelters And Low-Income Support Centers

If you have a local community action division or homeless shelter, they'll frequently take even junk cars to turn around into cash to help fund the center. If the car runs or just needs a little bit of work, they can fix it up and give it to someone who is moving into a new job and needs transportation.

Other Local Charities

Charities like breast cancer foundations, children's medical centers, and even chronic disease management centers will also accept vehicle donations. Sometimes they are put back on the road to help with patient and family transportation, while other times they are sold at fundraisers to help bring in money for research, patient care, and other support. These organizations are costly to run, and every little bit helps.

Any time you donate a car to a charity, school, or similar organization, you'll get the benefit of a tax deduction for your donation as well. Make sure you get a receipt for your donation when you drop it off.

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