How A 5K Charity Run Can Help You Raise Money For Your Youth Organization


As a society, we have to invest into our youth to ensure the next generation are strong leaders. The elders are responsible for teaching our youth how to be accountable and inspirational to others. This is done by being a good example, offering mentor programs and providing community resources. If you are passionate about the youth and want to make a difference, then you can start by forming your own youth movement. Read on to find out how a 5K charity run can help you raise money for your youth organization.

Decide On Your Angle

You have to decide on how you want to make a difference. There are a variety of angles to take when it comes to empowering youth in your community. Many cities have problems with gangs. In 2016, Chicago had 762 murders, which was one of the deadliest years in two decades for the city. Much of this violence is fueled by gangs.

Many children come from broken homes and spend a lot of time on the streets. A lot of these communities do not have after-school programs, basketball courts or mentor programs. This leads to children turning to gangs for support.

You can start an after-school program to counter this problem. Another angle is providing legal aid to juveniles being trying as adults.

Are You Going To Have A Physical Address?

The type of organization depends on whether you need a physical address. If you are providing a mentor program, then you can meet at a public location. On the other hand, you will need a physical location for an after-school program. For these reasons, you will need to find funding for your organization.

How To Raise Money

A 5K charity run is one of the ways to raise money for your organization. It allows you to tell your community about your cause and to network with people who support similar causes. 5K charity runs are one of the shortest in this type of running competition. You run a distance of around 3.1 miles.  

The runners have to pay an entry fee to enter your competition. The entry fees can cover your expenses for putting on the race. You also have to get businesses and organizations to sponsor your event. The money from the sponsorship is what you donate to your organization.

This event allows you to sell t-shirts and hand out information about your cause. A 5K run is something that you can have every year. It is a reminder that you are doing something positive in your community and gives the youth an outlet. Check out different events, like gotCUREage, for more inspiration.


9 September 2017

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