Teach Them To Fish—Community Participation And Support


Community gardens provide sustainability within a geographical region. People who take part in a gardening project are taught a series of invaluable skills. The crops that are yielded can be used to feed community residents, donate to others within a particular region, or sell for a profit. A Community Outreach Program A community outreach program that uses the 'teach them to fish' principle may focus on the Chinese proverb that encourages accountability and the use of a custom set of skills.

9 August 2022

Housing Assistance Donation Campaigns: Providing Help to People in Need


Housing assistance nonprofits help individuals and families of all ages and sizes, without judgment or discrimination. If you have compassion for people without secure housing, donating to an ongoing campaign is a wonderful way to help. Housing assistance nonprofits take specific actions to benefit the people who need it most. Each nonprofit may have a slightly different goal and method, but they all contribute to the betterment of communities. Here are some ways that housing assistance nonprofit donation campaigns can provide help to people in need:

23 March 2022